MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician

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The Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Support Technician certification shows employers you have the knowledge and skills required to deploy and support the Windows Vista operating system.

Skills required for the MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician certification include the ability to:

Manage workflow.
Install and configure desktop operating systems and applications.
Troubleshoot the desktop operating system, desktop applications, and desktop networking and connectivity.
Install and configure hardware devices and drivers (including mobile and personal devices).
Troubleshoot hardware devices and drivers (including mobile and personal devices).
Escalate complex issues to the appropriate administrator (for example, server administrator, network administrator, or desktop configuration administrator).
Install and test department-specific and line-of-business (LOB) applications on end-user computers.
Change desktop configurations as needed.
Re-image desktops as needed.

Windows Vista was more popular among home users but since the release of Service Pack 1 in February 2008, rollouts have been taking place through all business sectors.

For this reason the MCITP Enterprise Support Technician has become more popular among companies and contractors. With the rising demand for people with Vista skills, wages have also seen a sharp increase. More

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Examples of MCITP job titles include:
Support Analyst
Support Consultant
Enterprise Architect
Technical Support

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How much can you earn with an MCITP Enterprise Support Technician?

The MCITP certification will help to increase your value in the workplace and qualify your IT skills. With a couple of years experience you would expect to earn £45-55k and the average wage for a MCITP in the UK is £44,386 (

Around 90% of UK companies use Microsoft technologies to run their businesses, making Microsoft certifications the most valuable and recognised in the industry. For more information on salaries and the job opportunities an MCITP certification will lead to contact us .

How long to study for MCITP Enterprise Support Technician?

To fulfil the certification requirements, pass one exam focused on

Study times will vary depending on the students experience and ability, the course normally take 50-60 hours of study.

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How to earn your MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician

To earn this certification, you must pass three exams: one Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) prerequisite exam and two Professional Series exams.

Prerequisite MCTS exam

Windows Vista Configuration MCTS 70-620

Professional Series exams

Windows Vista Enterprise Support MCITP 70-622

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