Some of the benefits of Microsoft Certification...

  • Career Opportunities
    Earning a Microsoft certification verifies your expertise in working with Microsoft products and technologies. A Microsoft certification shows that you are a technical leader with the ability to successfully implement Microsoft business solutions for your organization or client.
  • Validation of Knowledge and Skills
    The information technology (IT) industry, your employer, clients, and peers will recognize your MCP credential as validation of the knowledge and skills you have gained through experience.
  • A Firm Foundation of Skills
    Preparation for certification requires that you cover all aspects of the product or technology you are studying. The rigorous exam development process includes extensive job task analyses, reviews by internal and external technology experts, and beta testing to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of each certification.
  • Increase in Salary
    The Microsoft certifications will increase you worth in your current position and those that you are applying for. Employers specifically look for the Microsoft qualifications as they show you have the skills for the job. The average wage for IT professionals in the UK is £41,000 and MCSE's earn between £35-40,000 pa
  • Fulfil the UK Skills Gap
    The UK is facing one of the largest skills gaps in Europe, those that are certified are in demand more now than ever before. Plus the IT market is amongst the fastest growing in the UK and around 20% of IT jobs are unfilled.
  • Promotional Opportunities
    Have you been overlooked or not been successful in applying for promotions? Becoming certified will show you have the tenacity and confidence to fulfil opportunities at your current workplace. Let your manger know you are studying the most recognised certifications in IT and you will see the difference.

Benefits of Online Interactive Courses

  • Skill Assessments
    At the beginning of each course you have the option to complete a skill assessment. This could save you time studying areas you are already familiar with, and you can also review your test scores to monitor your progress.
  • Exam Preparation
    Each course has a exam preparation session that offers exam like questions, often the key of passing the exam is understanding the question, this give you the best chance of passing first time.
  • Real-World Simulations
    The simulations ensure you know and understand the skills your learning. It will appear as though you are in the program you are studying though in the complete safety of the learning environment.
  • 24/7 Mentor Support
    Ask unlimited questions day or night to one of our qualified trainers. It’s a feature rich mentor service that includes FaQ, public and private live chat, message boards, and lots more.
  • Free Updates
    Courses are automatically updated, so if there are any changes to exams or course outlines they will be automatically updated.

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