Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)

This credential provides industry recognition for professional developers who build powerful applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Web services.

The MCAD credential was created in response to industry demand for a certification that allows developers to show they have the skills necessary to successfully implement functional specifications and build, deploy, and maintain Microsoft Windows and Web applications.

Achieving the MCAD credential can be a step toward earning the MCSD credential for advanced developers. More

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We also offer a range of MCTS courses that cover .NET 2.0 and 3.5, for more information on these courses follow this link; MCTS

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Those that are new to the IT industry or are looking change or start a new career you will be interested to find out the MCAD may not be the best course to start with. Microsoft recommends a minimum of 12 months experience with Microsoft servers and databases, if you don’t have this you will see that our Career Packages, that includes our job guarantee, the best place to start.

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Examples of job titles the MCAD will qualify you for;
Software Developer
Software Support
Web Developer
.NET Developer

More information on job roles here

How much will you earn with the MCAD?

The MCAD certification will help to increase your value in the workplace and qualify your IT skills. With a couple of years experience you would expect to earn £40-50k and the average wage for a MCAD in the UK is £40,467 (

Around 90% of UK companies use Microsoft technologies to run their businesses, making Microsoft certifications the most valuable and recognised in the industry. For more information on salaries and the job opportunities an MCAD certification will lead to click here.

How long will it take you to study for MCAD?

To fulfil the certification requirements, pass one exam focused on either Web Application Development or Windows Application Development in the language of your choice and one XML Web Services and Server Components exam. In addition to the core exam requirements, you must also pass one elective exam that provides proof of expertise with a specific Microsoft server product.

Study times will vary depending on the students experience and ability, and whether they study the C# or VB track, for accurate study times please see the course outlines below.

For more information on study times please click here

Courses you need to study.

Yare required to pass four core exams and one elective exam


One Web Application Development

19 hour(s)
48 hour(s)

One Windows Application Development

14 hour(s)
12 hour(s)

One XML Web Services and Server Components Development

15 hour(s)
53 hour(s)

Solution Architecture (One Exam Required)

16 hour(s)


21 hour(s)

Bonus Courses Included with this Package

6 hour(s)
28 hour(s)
8 hour(s)
10 hour(s)

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