These are our Terms and Conditions of Service. We want students to be aware of them because we feel they are the ‘best of industry’ and they instill confidence and reassurance within our students.

Exam Pass Guarantee –

Our students have told us they feel this is one of the two most important guarantees to them. It reassures them that if they complete their studies, they will be sufficiently trained to take their certification exams. We feel so confident about the level and quality of our training methods that we are eager to make this guarantee: Students will pass their exams, or we’ll pay for them to re-sit the exam until they do pass it.

To benefit from the Exam Pass Guarantee, the student must:

  1. Master all sections of their course.
  2. Complete our Mock Exam.
  3. Show us their fail certificate.

Upon completing the above items, we will be happy to pay for the student to re-sit the exam. Please note that the student must contact us before they take their exam so we can check their progress and give them their mock exam to sit.

Job Guarantee –

For many of our students, our Job Guarantee is the top priority with them. While other training companies may get their students trained, and exam passed, many cut loose the student to find employment on their own. We don't work that way. We have our connections within the IT industry, we know what jobs are open to be filled, we know what companies are doing the hiring, thus we can make this guarantee:

Once our students have completed their recommended courses, and passed the exams, they need to contact our Careers Advisor. The Careers Advisor will request copies of the student’s pass certificates and give them a career plan, and coaching, to help apply for jobs and interviews. If after 90 days of completing their exams, and the student has not found work in IT, we will refund the student’s training fees. Not included in the refund is the cost of equipment or exams that may or may not be included in the student’s career package.

To claim against out Job Guarantee, you will need to show us that you have been applying for positions, and have not been accepted for them. You will need to keep and show us your job refusal letters.

7 Day Trial –

All of our training packages are available with the option to try out the course for seven (7) days free of charge. Students will have access to all of their courses within this trial period. This guarantee is Webteks Ltd way of letting students ‘try before they buy’ our courses. And, over the seven days, students will have the opportunity to reassure themselves they’ve either chosen the correct career path, or after consultation with one of our advisors, they will have the option of changing to another area of course study.

After the seven day trial period, we will process the student’s payment as agreed upon with your advisor. If the student is not completely happy – for any reason – students must let us know before the 7th day, and we will cancel their subscription and not take out any payments.

Once the student has used a 7-day free trial, they are not eligible for any other trials or discounts.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee –

For any reason the student decides not to proceed with their study program, they have our 14-day money back guarantee. This guarantee assures the new student that they can ask for a full refund, and there will be no charges, quibbles, or fees if the student cancels within the 14-day period. The student’s 14-day period starts from the time when the students account details are sent out.

Subscriptions –

It is our purpose to assure our students that they will not become entangled in long, convoluted, unclear, questionable contracts with small print that calls for extra funds to be collected from the student, or opt-out clauses, or no guarantees of exam passing. We further assure our students that they may stop their subscription at any time, with no charges or fees to pay. The student is to let us know before their next billing date and we will not take any more payments. The student will continue to have course access until their next scheduled billing date.

Complaint Resolution –

Customer complaints are handled by one of our managers, who are empowered to handle and resolve customer satisfaction issues. In the event the student is still dissatisfied, the Webteks Ltd operations management will address the complaint. All correspondence regarding a customer complaint must be in writing and sent to Graham Hurley, 105 Victoria road, Romford, Essex, RM1 2LX.

Privacy –

We have the highest professional regard for safeguarding the student’s private information in dealing with us. Webteks Ltd exercises the right to hold the student’s personal and contact information in respect to any courses subscribed to, in addition to any other related services. The student’s personal information is only accessible to Webteks Ltd, the course sponsor, and the designated regulatory association, and will not be sold, or given, to outside organizations without the student’s permission.

Security and Credit Cards –

Our students are assured that Webteks Ltd uses the same high level of security that financial institutions use to guard their personal data. Credit card numbers are not stored on the Webteks Ltd system. Students may update, or change, their billing information at any time. For security reasons, Webteks will never re-display entire credit card numbers in readable form, and all credit card transactions will be handled by our secure server. We do not offer non-secure transactions.

Cookies –

Webteks Ltd uses cookies to track the student’s progress though a course. The cookie only contains the student’s UserID. If the student has questions concerning the use of cookies, they are instructed to contact our Technical Support Department for additional information.

Server and Course Improvements –

Webteks Ltd is continually improving and upgrading our courses, and security, and there may be a rare occasion where the student will be unable to access their course. Students can be assured that such interruptions are infrequent and will be kept to a minimum amount of time, and are in the overall best interests of our students.


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