“The writing is on the wall, and I realize that I cannot advance to a higher paying IT Department position until I obtain Microsoft specialty certification. Can you help me?”


Perhaps it’s even become painfully obvious to you that you’ll advance no further in your present IT position until you either become Microsoft Certified in a single specialty, or in multiple specialties.

Maybe it’s something as simple and sobering as the high cost of living and the Increasing cost of driving your car and paying outrageous petrol prices. You can’t go in and ask the boss for a raise, because the first thing he’ll come back with is, “What more have you got to offer the company? Do you have your certification?” Or, “You should have gotten your certification in MCP like you said you would last year.”

Ye-ouch! That hurts!

Look over the list of courses below that Microsoft-Certification offers… which do you lack? Which do you need in order to get ahead in your career standing?

There is! It’s called Microsoft-Certification E-Learning.


How about this:

Flexibility of study
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
Microsoft Certified Application Developer
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
Microsoft Certified IT Professional
Microsoft Office Specialist

Which do you need in order to get ahead in your IT career?

Call us at 08000 213 213, talk with one of our career advisors and let’s get you on your way. We offer our exclusive Fast Track system where you take only the necessary courses required to attaining your Microsoft Certification.

Your people can study wherever they have access to the Internet. No absence from work.
They can study whenever it is convenient for them to do so – lunch time, at home; anywhere.
When they do their practice exams, they will get their grades back fast. No lengthy delays.
The student can take the lesson courses as many times as desired.
27 hour, 7 day student access to industry-knowledgeable tutors and career advisors.

What we won’t do:

We won’t recommend any fluff coursework in order to boost our profits. But we won’t shortcut anything.
We won’t tie you into a confusing, hard to read contract with ‘Get out clauses’.
We won’t send sales people to show up at your door, pressing you to sign on the dotted line.
Ask for commitment before you have seen or tired our course first.

Act NOW and be on your way to the salary increase you want, and the position and responsibility you desire.

Microsoft-Certification wants to make sure everyone studies the correct training package for them. Complete your details in the form below and one of our trained advisors will contact you to check that you have the right course for your career goals.

They can also talk you through using our system and give a demonstration how it works!


Or, if it’s easier for you, call us at 08000 213 213


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  • Pass your exams, Guaranteed!

We have trained course advisors that will assist you in finding the right course. Assessing your current skills and showing you how our training will help you reach your career goals. Find out how our system works and will benefit you immediately, and how you can get started today on a free trial!


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